The Walking Dead Season 4 Game Review

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

The Walking Dead has been important to many and close to those who love zombies. The very first interactive game belonging to Telltale Games developers surfaced seven years ago bringing entertainment to people interested in this type of genre. The latest game, “The Walking Dead: The Final Season,” released in the summer of 2018, and brought a satisfying close to Clementine’s journey.

These games are a choice based series revolving around Clementine, a young girl amidst the zombie apocalypse. The player decides who Clementine meets, the decisions she makes, and the outcome of certain situations. The final season consists of Clementine seeking refuge with the deuteragonist, AJ. Battling zombies, taking care of AJ, and teaching AJ the ways of the world are all Clem’s missions in the final episodes.

The first episode, “Done Running”, illustrates Clementine and AJ’s struggle to find a place to settle. Constantly on the move, the duo joins a new group of children in an abandoned school for troubled youth. The next episode, “Suffer the Children”, causes conflict between Clementine and a character from a past game. “Broken Toys”, the third episode prepares the gamer to infiltrate enemy territory, and friendly loyalties are exercised. The final episode to wrap up the whole season, “Take Us Back”, makes the player decide in a conflict that will throw you back to season one, and make or break your game experience.

No matter the challenge, those who enjoy decision making and dramatic, horror survival will adore this game. Many reviews rate this game with a seven or above out of ten. Plus, if you’ve followed Clementine’s story from the beginning, you will feel the emotional connection to the game once you’ve played!