Baddest People to Live!

Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

There has been many great people to live, some have courage and bravery or some are very smart and knowing of things. Many great people do great things in their life, but who is the worst of them all?

Sparta is a city of the Greek in ancient times, as they were threatened by one of the largest armies of that time. Leonidas, a king of Sparta, had skills: survival and fighting. Leonidas, being the no fearing person he was, gathered an army of 300 to fight a huge force of Persians. Leonidas lead his army to kill many Persians and tell the Greeks that they could beat this huge force of Persians.

King Henry the 5th is one of the most smart, strong, and self confident people to ever live. Henry at the time hated his dad and, when he died, Henry took over the kingdom of England as their king. He was welcome by all of the kingdoms with gifts besides one. France had sent him a ball to embarrass him. Henry thought nothing of it and put it off. The next thing France did was sent an assassin to kill Henry. He had to act, so France and England went to war, which King Henry shows his skills and smarts to beat a very big French army. For his victory and a French defeat, they sent him a wife which was the daughter of the King of France. As Henry was getting ready for his wedding and victory parade, he found out that the French had done none of the things: the assassination or the ball.  It was one of the closest people to him, his general. King Henry killed his own friend out of anger and told his wife “I only want one thing from you and that’s the truth.”

Both of these People showed great courage and faced two different things and needed two different ways to handle their situations. These are two bad people.