Dogs v.s. Cats

Dogs v.s. Cats

Morgan Nelson, Reporter

There has always been controversy with dogs and cats, whether or not one is better than the other and which is the most favored of the two.

Dogs seem to have more favor and cats less, but this doesn’t mean that cats are not important, special, or loved. Dogs are just all and all good companions.

“I like dogs more than cats because they are less mean and they are really cute, especially the puppies,” said senior Whitney Herrera. “I literally love puppies, they are the most adorable and sweet things I have ever seen. I think that kittens are cute and cats are also cute, but if they are mean I don’t want anything to with them and I don’t think I could have a cat because of the whole litter box training and cleaning.”

Cats can be easy to take care of, but dogs are easier because you don’t necessarily have to scoop and clean out anything that they use the bathroom in, or brush them as much, or have to clean the house up as much because they made a mess. They are both loved and are favored by many above all other animals.