Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Halloween is a holiday where we like to spook people. Trick or treat is beyond the best part of Halloween. Trick-or-treat is the part of Halloween that every child looks forward to. The sad thing about Halloween is that once you hit 13, Halloween and trick or treat doesn’t seem as exciting. Once you hit that 13 years old, you are more likely to want to go to a haunted house or Octoberfest at Kings Island.

Many high schoolers decide that they would rather stay home and watch movies on Freeform, Netflix, and any other channel that shows Halloween episodes or movies around this time of year. The sad thing is, most tv shows now don’t have special Halloween episodes like the did in 2005, those were this generation’s favorite episodes to look forward to when October hit.

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween, whether you went trick-or-treating, to a Halloween/costume party, or just sat at home watching Halloween movies.