Archery Paintball


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Every year, the Archery Team at Cabell Midland goes to play paintball as a team building exercise. When the team goes to Scary Creek Paintball, they get separated into teams and have fun gaining each other’s trust and gathering all of their anger at the same time. Paintball is one of the trips the team looks forward to when they join or if they’ve been in it for awhile.

The team goes to many tournaments throughout the year and even hosts their own invitational in February every year, but paintball is what they seem to look forward to the most. 30° weather and frozen paintballs is one of the best experiences you could possibly have with the CMHS Archery Team. I hope everyone has fun this Saturday, November 9th, at Scary Creek with all of the new people to join in on the fun.