Halloween Happened

Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Halloween happened and it’s another 365 days until the “Devil’s Holiday,” as some call it. Harper Goldy is one of many Halloween enthusiasts.

“I’ve always enjoyed scary stuff since I was a little kid,” said Goldy. “My favorite show when I was little was Scooby Doo.” To add on to Harper’s nostalgia, she also reportedly loves candy. “I can literally eat so much, it’s weird. My favorite is either Twix or Lemonheads.” When asked about her 2019 Halloween night, she said, “It was good, nothing really happened except we passed out candy and three toddlers fell off the step.” Although many are happy Halloween is over because that means we are closer to Christmas.

Madeline Nutt, Sophomore says, “Christmas is my favorite because there’s always good food and family and friends are everywhere.” So there seems to be something for everyone throughout the year.