Best Games to Play on a Computer


Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

There are many games to play on a computer at school or at home but some stand out over others. I’m gonna tell you the best games to play.

First, let’s start with a retro game called Run. You might have heard about this game or even played it, but it’s a game the requires your full attention and full concentration through a 3 dimensional game.

Let’s move onto the next game, which has a series of games that go with it. Papa Freezeria and many more like Papa Pizzeria, etc. It is a game where you have to make whatever food your customers orders in a fast manner while trying to keep every other customer happy too.

One of the most loved games is Duck Life, there are 4 series to this game making it a enjoying story on a Duck and a Farmer trying to get there farm back after it was hit by a storm. I hope you can take these games and waste time when you need too.