Game Review-COD Modern Warfare

Danielle Hughes, Reporter

So everyone knows about the new Call Of Duty. There’ve been many different opinions on the new game. The game came out on October 15th, 2019 and has a 4 star rating (which is pretty good in the gaming community considering they’re still working on the game). There could be many bugs and a bunch of hacking issues. They also have it as cross platform, so that’s a big deal. I myself have tried it out and think with the friend versus friend option it has really good settings for the mic.

I think it is a good game, but the shotgun is a bit op, I will be playing and I get blasted from halfway across the map, I look the playback and it’s a guy halfway across the map, mounted to a window with a shotgun. That is the only thing I see wrong with the game so far. I enjoy playing the campaign and I love the fact it is cross platform.

Sophomore Deseree Adkins¬† says, “it is a good game overall, it is just a bit messy. The games are kinda short and the lobby could be set up a bit neater. You can see the screen and not a lot of words. There should also be more game options. Gun game would be nice.”