Should We Bring Prayer Back Into School

Danielle Hughes, Reporter

This story is going to be a major trigger to some, and I will probably get hate from it, but I feel as if it needs to be discussed.

I myself am a Christian and I have older parents. I have known how to pray since I could crawl. My parents are raising my nephews and niece. None of them even know to be quiet when we are praying. We will be sitting at the table, my ma will start to say a prayer and then the kids will start screaming or eating their food.

I also will be at lunch and, if I am praying, I’ll get weird looks when I open my eyes and look back up. I have been made fun of for it a couple times and I have gotten into a few arguments with people trying to talk to me just to disturb me whilst I am praying. My parents used to go to schools where everyone was required to pray at lunch and breakfast, now days kids do not even know how to pray. I feel as if it should be discussed more in schools.