Who’s in the College Football Playoffs


Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

As the year comes to a end the 2019-2020 college football playoffs are soon to come. Hard hits, scoring points and winning games all year get up to this point. It is time for the best players to shine and best four teams in the country to go head to head.

With three games left and 11 weeks down of college football the top four teams in the country are 1. LSU (9-0), 2Ohio State (9-0), 3 Clemson (10-0), 4. Georgia (8-1). These four teams have prove they have the best players and can compete with any team. LSU has the Heisman front runner Joe Burrow with his leading and throwing skills and ability to compete under pressure got them the win over ranked team Alabama and putting them 1st in the country. Ohio State is ranked second with probably the best team with a good defense and offense. With Heisman runner Chase Young standing at 6’7 linebacker leading the defense it seems impossible to score on them. Clemson after coming off a National Championship last year is looking to go back to back with there experienced QB Trevor Lawrence and cement there legacy as a dynasty. Georgia is looking to hang on, with a bad loss mid season they have to get threw LSU to stay in the college playoffs. Georgia WR George Pickens must go off and the whole team must come together to be able to compete for the college plays off spot and championship. The question is though, who’s in?