Midland Faces Rival for Second Time in Season


The Herald Dispatch

Earlier in the season, The Knights defeated Huntington and reclaimed the shield. Midland’s second playoff game will prove to be an exciting and intense game for both the players and fans.

Alyssa Russell, Staff Reporter

The Cabell Midland football team has raised more than a few voices in the stands and turned heads when stepping onto the turf.
In the upcoming games, the Knight’s will be facing the Huntington Highlanders for the second time this season. However, for these games, the stakes have been raised in the playoffs.
“It feels great getting to play Huntington again,” said senior Coy Petitt. “As a senior I thought I was done with them, but everyone knows we hate them and I look forward to beating them again.”
Senior Coy Petitt said the Knights have had a good season, but that there are definitely things that could be better.
“I believe that we need to improve on everything,” said Petitt. “We have had a good year but there is work to be done in every aspect of the game.”
It has been a good season for the Knight’s as they are currently 10-1 for the season. However, junior Tanner Mullins said he is proud of the team.
“I think we have done well this season,” said Mullins. “We are hopeful, and looking toward the state championship. We have to take it a game at a time, but overall we are proud of what we have accomplished, and we are proud of one another.”
According to Petitt, the team has been working hard all season, and Knight Nation has been very supportive of them.
“We aren’t working any harder,” said Petitt. “We have been giving it our all for the entire season and its rewarding to see how far we’ve come. The best part about this season is no matter where we go, we have a portion of Knight Nation with us; we have the most supportive community in the world. It’s awesome to see everyone come out to watch our games. We try our best for the people that support us, and coach pushes us to our limits and then some so we do well.”
Junior Dustin Bouck and Senior Jesse Myers agree that aside from the Capitol Cougars, the University Hawks will be the team’s biggest competition in the upcoming weeks.
“I think our biggest competition will be University,” said Myers. “They will be the biggest issue until the championship, which will then make our toughest competitor Capitol, if they get there. If not, then whoever beats them has to be good.”