Thanksgiving Break Plans

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Meredith Mears, Reporter

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and students at Cabell Midland are very excited to get a whole week off from school. Some students are planning to spend time with family, cook, or maybe even go shopping.

On Thanksgiving break I plan on spending time with friends and family. I also plan on studying for the ACT since I only have a few more chances to get the score I want.

Senior Morgan Nelson plans on working most of the break. Morgan works at Morrison’s Pizza in Salt Rock. She stays busy by making sandwiches, cutting deli meats, and making side dishes. It seems like a bummer for Morgan to be working while on holiday break, but she enjoys her job. “I like working,” said Nelson. At least this year Cabell County isn’t assigning NTIDs to students over Thanksgiving break. This will cut down on Morgan’s workload as well as many other students’.

Thanksgiving traditions are also a big part of the break. I always help make peanut butter pie with the family and we watch “The Macy’s Day Parade” on Thanksgiving. We also like to eat the dinner as a family and we all work together to get the job done.

“In my family we all get together at one place and eat one big meal,” said senior Whitney Herrera. I agree with Whitney; some of the best traditions are getting together with the family while making memories.

While Thanksgiving is quickly coming upon us don’t forget that our school’s Thanksgiving Dinner is this Thursday November 21. We also only have four weeks until finals. This year is going by quickly and there is so much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!