Morgan Nelson, reporter

Every year it rolls around; the time of gift giving, present receiving, and family and friends coming together. Almost everyone enjoys this time of year.

“Halloween is my jam, I like watching scary movies, and I like dressing up for Halloween and getting and eating candy,” said senior Hannah Tomes.

“I would have to say that Christmas is my favorite since it’s the one that we celebrate the most,” said senior Elizabeth Simmons. “I like Christmas a lot because everyone seems to be nicer and more friendly, but I think it’s because they want good presents/gifts.”

“I like Easter because it’s kind of girly and you get to put on a dress and go to church,” said senior Meredith Mears. “You also don’t need to really buy anyone gifts or anything.”

“I really like Thanksgiving because we get fat and sit around, we get stuffed like a turkey. Gobble Gobble,” said senior Whitney Herrera.

There are multiple holidays that are favored around the world just like the few that are listed above.