Best Thanksgiving Activities

Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

The holidays are the best time to enjoy the company of your family, friends, and anyone else close to you. Some people wish to spend time with others, but have no clue what kind of activities to do. With Thanksgiving Break approaching and temperatures dropping, it can be hard to find outside entertainment. Here you can collect inspiration from these suggestions, and hopefully make the most of your break.

  • Ice Skating
  • Corn Mazes
  • Rake Leaves
  • Cook Thanksgiving dinner with your family
  • Movie Marathon
  • Coffee shop and read
  • Pick out a pumpkin with family to use for pie
  • Throw a Thanksgiving get together
  • Board games
  • Karaoke/dance party
  • Bake sweets
  • Take a vacation

These ideas can spiral into the greatest memories for certain people, and the whole family can benefit from these fun activities. They can hopefully relieve some stress and just provide happiness for all. Have a great Thanksgiving week!