Black Friday Advice

Maddy Price , Reporter

As Turkey week comes to a close, that means one thing. Sales, sales, and more sales! If you are a first time Black Friday shopper or if you are looking for some tips, I have the perfect advice for you.

Coupons are the key to success! Go through your grandpa’s old newspapers or your mom’s countless magazines waiting to be thrown away. There can be coupons that can range from 20 to 50% off easily in a newspaper. What’s best is that they can be for name brand stores and be the must haves for the season. So, that new coat that you are dying to have from Coach could be in your budget range with a few harmless coupons. Just remember to look through everything before you toss a good discount away.

It’s that time of the year so bundle up. Make sure to bring a coat and even some ear muffs. You may very well be waiting in long lines outside stores and you don’t want to be cold. I have learned from experience that being cold and  miserable when waiting does not mix well.

Lastly, save time in any way possible. I recommend having a set plan to where you’re going to shop. Have a list with set time limits so you stay on track. Also, if you go in a group splitting up is in your best interest. The reality is you can’t be in twenty places at one time so each person can be designated to one store. You will cover more sales and ground this way.

I hope you take these tips and have a wonderful Black Friday!