Christmas Activities for All Ages

Maddy Price , Reporter

The holidays always end so fast and grow less meaningful each year. This is such a tragedy considering this is the time for giving and spending time with loved ones. However, having set Christmas Activities can help you savor this special time that comes around only once a year. Here’s a list of ideas for fun quality activities to do with family or friends.

  • Cookie Swap

Have each party guest bring a cookie (homemade or store-bought). Swap in a circle. All you need is a bowl filled with everyone’s names written on a small slip of paper and call them out. When their name is called they can swap with whatever cookie they choose. Continue to play until each name is called leaving everyone with a different cookie.

  • Watching Christmas Movies

This is an easy one that can bring everyone together for a night. Having cozy blankets and hot chocolate is essential to make people feel at ease and comfortable. Bring a selection of movies to pick from that could include Elf, The Grinch, or any Hallmark Christmas movie.

  • Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Buying Ornaments is almost like a chore so spice things up with creating your own. You can add a special touch to an ornament all while having a special memory that can hang on your tree.

  • Sledding

If it is snowing grab a sled and head towards a hill. It’s as simple as that! This could even branch off to a snowball fight or have races down the hill.