A Day in the Life of Madison Price: ALC Edition

Maddy Price , Reporter

6:30 Pre ALC

 It is currently 6:35 and I had to wake up early to write this groundbreaking newspaper entry. (You’re welcome, Chrisa Hayes). I’m trying to find the willpower to get up right now and get dressed. I think I’m just going to wear a sweatshirt and leggings so I can be comfortable sitting in a desk for eight hours. I have dreaded this day for the past week because today I have been sentenced to the ALC room. My first stop is to go get a Red Bull so I can manage to stay awake.

7:25 ALC

My first reaction to the ALC room was that it is cold and depressing. I feel like I’m isolated from all civilization considering the door is locked and the windows are boarded.  It’s only been an hour and I feel like I have been sitting here for a lifetime. I have been scared straight by the bald man who is known as Sean, the ALC teacher. His rules are simple: Don’t talk and do your work. Wish me luck as these long eight hours pass by.


It’s now lunch and the little social interaction I had when walking out the hallway is what’s keeping me going. The room keeps getting colder and colder. The cold is what is keeping me awake at this point while I pretend to be busy. On the brightside, it’s turkey day at lunch!


The turkey was dry. I’m never looking on the brightside again.


I have literally finished all my work. I have absolutely nothing to do. Send help.


Over an hour has passed and I’m on mental breakdown number two. I just got finished crying in the bathroom stall and the little sanity I had left is gone. I’ll keep you updated…


I just got a Snapple so I’m living my best life. Things are looking up because I’ve got an hour left and that means I can get Taco Bell soon. These past seven hours have taught me it is better to stay non-confrontational. I will keep my opinions and ill thoughts to myself and only myself.  My days of defiance are OVER. 



I’m out!