December Horoscopes

Maddy Price , Reporter

Aries – This month is going to be free of all the anxieties and stress that you put so heavily on yourself during November.

Taurus – Someone close to you will betray you and forgiveness is what you will need to work on this month.

Gemini – Someone you won’t expect will come into your life and will change your plans. You need to be prepared and remember what’s important to you.

Cancer – Work will consume you this month and stress will easily partake.

Leo – The love you’ve been searching for is finally here! That could mean a lot of different things; it could be self love or a new relationship in the works.

Virgo – This is a fresh start so you can heal from the people who have hurt you in the past.

Libra – A lot of important decisions are coming your way that will determine the next four years of your life.

Scorpio – You will meet someone new who will spark a forever friendship that you will cherish.

Sagittarius – The struggles you’ve had the past month will all vanish in the upcoming days.

Capricorn – Be prepared to be busy this month, you will have a lot that will determine your success.

Aquarius – Learning to accept change will be in your best interest as your plans do a 180 spin.

Pisces – Your hard work will pay off and new opportunities will arise.