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Group of friends holding together back

Whitney Herrera, Reporter

Friends are essential. They can either be real or fake. The best thing about having friends is having people that match your vibe, keep you occupied, or listen to you rant. They can either be the best thing that’s happened to you or the worst. Many people are shy and don’t want to meet new people and that’s okay. You don’t have to be popular nor be an outcast.

F stands for fantastic because your peeps are amazing if they’re still riding with you. R stands for radiant, they are loving and they care a lot for you. I is for inspiring, they can help you by motivating you and knowing what’s best for you. E is essential, they are needed if you go through a lot of tough times in your life. N is for nice, hopefully they’re nice. D is daring, if you don’t have daredevil friends, you’re not living life. S is for succeed, all your friends have different paths and they’re all finding ways to become what they want to be. Friendships are beautiful. If you go through a breakup, you’ll need your girls. If a family member passes away, you’ll need emotional support or just people to talk to and hang out with.

Not all friendships last forever and that’s okay. Some have closer bonds than others and that’s how it is. They come and go. Your real friends are your ride or dies, the ones who are down for you through thick and thin. It’s okay to lose, but you will gain. It is also hard when they move away and you’re alone because your best friend leaves or moves because of parents. It’s a good thing facetime has been invented. But understand friends are important. They make us mad, they make us happy, it’s what they do, and if you don’t make fun of each other, then are you really friends?