The Best Foods to Bring to Friendsgiving


Meredith Mears, Reporter

Friendsgiving is an event where friends get together for a meal and spend time with each other. Friendsgiving is just like Thanksgiving except you are with your friends of course. The whole point of friendsgiving is to show how thankful you are for the simple things friends bless you with like their kindness or how comical they may be. Although friendsgiving is a more relaxed version of Thanksgiving, there’s still an array of foods to bring. Here are a few popular food items that you can’t go wrong with.

1.) Stuffing

I personally love stuffing and it is a good food that comes to mind when I think of Thanksgiving. You also don’t have to be a great cook to whip up a tray of stuffing. It’s a quick fix with so many varieties. Who knew cornbread stuffing was a thing?

2.) Pies

Any type of dessert is always a good idea for a sweet treat. Pies are a popular type of dessert. You can’t go wrong with an apple, pumpkin, or even peanut butter pie. You can even buy pie crust already made up.

3.) Mashed Potatoes

I don’t know about you but I love a nice, warm, buttery scoop of mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are so versatile you could add bacon or even cheese to them. This can jazz up an average bowl of mashed potatoes. It will make your friends come lining up for seconds.

4.) Veggie Tray

If you aren’t a great cook or have friends that are vegetarians then this is a great option. You can even make a homemade tray with all of your favorite veggies or go to your local grocery store and pick a pre-packaged one. This is a healthy alternative compared to some dishes.

5.) Mac and Cheese

Yum! Mac and Cheese is a classic side dish that can be made with either cheddar or white cheddar cheese. Even the pickiest of eaters will be putting this on their plates.