Christmas Movie Ideas


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Here is a list of some of the best movies to watch this season before Christmas:

Home Alone movie series:

This series starts with a child messing around and wishing he didn’t have his family for Christmas, when his family leaves for vacation they leave without him. When two burglars try to rob his house while he is there, he sets up many traps and ways to slow them down while he can call the cops. This is an amazing movie to watch when wanting to get in the Christmas spirit and know what the true meaning of family is.

The Grinch (2018):

We all know the originals are just as amazing, but I recommend this version of the Grinch because it depicts the Grinch’s backstory more than the original, there is more music in it (which everyone loves), and added new characters that give the movie a happier point of view on the Grinch. When little Cindy Lou meets the Grinch for the first time, she sees the good in him and even invites him to their Christmas dinner and he feels like he finally has a family.

Nightmare Before Christmas:

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton is about Halloween characters getting ready for Halloween when one day Jack Skellington stumbles upon a field of trees within each tree, its own holiday. Jack goes through the door of the Christmas tree and when he returns to Halloween he describes what he saw. The Halloween characters decide to take over Christmas. But in the end it turns out fine, thanks to the real Santa Claus.

Santa Clause movie series:

On Christmas Eve, we have all wanted to stay up late and see Santa deliver the presents, but this unlucky family did see Santa. When they say Santa he had fallen off of the roof and all that was left were his clothes, the father puts them on and helps deliver the rest of the presents alongside his son. When they are done delivering the presents, the reindeer take them to the North Pole and he is basically crowned the new Santa. He has to take on all of the new responsibilities of being Santa and starts growing a white beard, even after shaving.


Do you ever feel different and left out? So did Buddy… Buddy the elf. He was always bigger than the other elves and acted differently, so he asked Santa about who he really is and is sent to find his dad in the human city of New York. On his journey of finding his dad, he also finds love and friends along the way. His dad doesn’t believe him at first and barely acknowledges Buddy, but, in the end, Buddy finds his true family and what it’s like to celebrate Christmas somewhere other than the North Pole.

Polar Express:

The polar express is a movie that is based around a train that goes around on Christmas Eve and only certain kids can see the train. When the train stops in front of his house he is invited on and denies the invitation until the train starts to leave and he has to run to get onto the train. The train has many ups and down from losing tickets to gliding across the ice to seeing the northern lights in the North Pole, this crazy train is full of adventure and the kids seem to enjoy it. When they make it to the North Pole the kids meet Santa and the protagonist gets the first gift of Christmas and soon after loses it. This gift is a bell that is said to ring “for all who believe” and when Santa gives him the bell back on Christmas morning all who don’t believe think the bell is broken but he and his little sister can hear the joyous bell ring.