Preparing For Finals


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Hattie Colegrove, Reporter

During the school year, when midterms and finals time rolls around many become stressed. You want to do well on your exams, and pass all of your classes for the semester. Some ways to relieve stress around this time will prevent the worry and troubles. These tips keep many from having a hard time around test time:

  • Study at least 5-15 minutes every day of the school week
  • Get plenty of rest, maybe go to sleep an hour early
  • Eat healthy foods with lots of vitamins, proteins, and more
  • Stay away from large amounts of sugar, whether it be in drinks, food, candy, etc.
  • Do at least one self care activity on every day of the school week, bubble baths, face mask, trim your nails, etc.
  • During studying, take small breaks to watch your favourite tv show, youtuber, read a book, do anything you love
  • After you finish studying, ask a family member, or even call a friend and ask them to verbally study with you or recap all information

Some of these methods are proven to increase performance on exams, and will definitely keep you from stressing. Good luck on finals week Knights!