Secret Santa Gift Ideas


Meredith Mears, Staff Reporter

Secret Santa is a fun way for a group of friends, co-workers, families, or even students to get gifts for each other. This method was created so that members in the group would only have to buy one gift versus ten or even twenty gifts for everyone in the group. Since you are only buying for one person the object of the game is to keep who you are buying for a secret, hence the name Secret Santa. It would make it obvious to go up to the person and ask what they want for the holidays. By staying secret, it can be hard for people to know the perfect present to give.

I am part of two Secret Santas this year and I wasn’t sure what to get them. I felt like I was just getting them useless gifts. Then I began to research some common gifts people enjoy getting. I came across some great gift ideas I would like to share. Feel free to use any of the ideas for your Secret Santas.

Gift Cards- 

Everyone loves a gift card because you can spend the money however you like. Popular gift cards to get are Starbucks, Amazon, or even Target, just to name a few. A good amount of money to give is around ten to fifteen dollars.


Since Secret Santa falls in the winter time a nice gift to keep warm is a cozy blanket. Blankets are a fairly cheap item. Blankets also come in many varieties so you can always find a blanket that matches anyone’s personality.

Earbuds or Speakers-

Everyone listens to music these days and earbuds are made so cheaply now that you are always needing a new pair. Save your friend the trouble and buy them a set of earbuds. Speakers are also a great alternative.


Buying the latest movie is an easy gift. Buy a popular movie that has recently come out. Examples would be Aladdin or Lion King. These movies just came out over the summer and most people don’t have them on DVD yet.

Fuzzy Socks-

Fuzzy socks are an all around favorite. They are nice and cozy. They are so soft. You can never have too many fuzzy socks. You can’t go wrong with this gift.