Real Estate/Moving

Real Estate/Moving

Morgan Nelson, Reporter

There are a lot of different types of houses that people look for and are interested in: Victorian style, modern, and more.

Real Estate pricing can differentiate from location to location. The cost of living and the jobs are also a key factor in looking and buying a house because it is a variable in a larger equation. There are a lot more key factors that are included in looking for a house or property to buy and or rent. Like the size, a very large factor in looking into buying.

Depending on the size of your household or the size that you and your partner are planning to expand to. The pricing is a factor also, you would not want to buy something that will put you in a magnitude of debt so depending on the amount that you have saved and location of where you want to be and the pricing that it takes to live there. All is very important key factors that need to be thought about.

Another key factor that you might not think about is how far the grocery store is or any shopping plazas or stores are from you and maybe even consider how far hospitals are from where you’re planning on living just in case you decide to expand your family or if there was any health emergency at all like maybe a sickness or injury then you wouldn’t want to drive an hour just to wait another hour or so to see a doctor.

I want to stay in west virginia around where I live now because of how far it is away from stores and the city. It’s far enough out but it’s not too far away from everything which is nice. It’s pretty nice to wake up with not a lot of noise or movement happening.

Moving can be difficult when you’re attached to the area where you live now but you never know when or if you have to move again and consider everything that comes with moving but if it’s truly what you want to do then it will become easy because you want and are looking forward to moving.