Christmas Activities

Amber Mount, Reporter

Christmas time is most people’s favorite holiday of the year. During the month of December Christmas decorations are put up everywhere you look and bright and colorful lights are strung over every house and business. There are so many fun activities to do during this time of year.

Being all cozy watching Christmas movies with hot chocolate, going out at night to look at the lights, baking Christmas cookies with friends and family, and building gingerbread houses are just a few activities. This time of year is also when you spend the most time with your family. Family members that you haven’t seen for so long will come down during this time of year. All of my dad’s side or mom’s side of the family comes down on Christmas day and we spend the whole day together. If it snows that’s a great time for snowball fights, sledding, or building a snowman (unless you are like me and absolutely hate the cold and would rather do anything else than go outside in freezing snow). So instead, sitting inside under a blanket and watching all the great Christmas movies on Netflix is more my style.

No matter what, there is always something fun to do this holiday season.