Ways to Relieve Stress

Amber Mount, Reporter

Stress is all around us in high school. With a mix of keeping up our grades, AP classes, work, sports, and drama it can feel so overwhelming. But there are multiple ways to help with stress even when it feels useless.

One of the biggest ways to help with stress is exercise. Now, if you’re like me and hate exercising this may sound like it puts more stress on. Not only can it help with stress hormones, it can also help with falling asleep earlier and faster which most of us need. Another way to reduce stress is with essential oils or candles. Scents like rose, lavender, and orange can help with stress, it’s very common to do this. Aromatherapy is able to help tremendously. Some of the smallest ways to reduce stress are just listening to calming music or stopping and taking a few deep breaths. Deep breathing helps you calm down when you are doing multiple things at once. Sometimes when you are busy you forget to actually breathe.

There are multiple other ways to help with stress but these are the ones that have been said to help the most.