Patient Care Clinicals

Amber Mount, Reporter

Clinicals is a 2 mod and shield class that you can take as a senior where you can get your patient care certification. In this class you can go to Riverview and St. Mary’s with your class where you can observe and assist with the workers there. To be able to take this class you have to take two different classes and pass with at least an 80 throughout your freshman-junior year. The first class is a basic term class which is foundations of health science and you can take this as a block. The next class is advanced principles and for studying more complex parts of the body and diseases. After you pass both of those classes you are able to take clinicals senior year. It’s a very serious class so if you aren’t interested in the medical field you shouldn’t take it. If you do end up taking the class it’s a great first step if you want to become an LPN or RN. Even if you don’t want to become a nurse this is a great way to see the different things you could specialize in at the hospital and learn the basics of the health care field.