Baby Gender


Whitney Herrera, Reporter

Everyone has always wondered whether they’re having a boy or a girl. They intend to throw a small gender reveal party then, soon after, a baby shower. That’s the most exciting thing, knowing what you’re having, and it makes parents curious and nervous at the same time. A lot of times, people have the opposite of what they want, but as long as the baby is healthy that’s all that matters. 

A boy. A little bundle of joy. Blue with sail ships or race cars is a couple themes. Mostly the dads want a boy, a son to carry on their name and to pass on generations. To know you’re having a boy, salty foods is what someone will crave. As for baby showers, everyone would wear blue and bring gifts for the new arrival. Some people like to wait to see what they’re having, others can’t hold the excitement. Everyone wants a little man, who will grow up and soon start a family of his own. 

A girl. Every woman’s angel. Having a girl is like having a mini you. Buying things all pink and having a little princess is so adorable. There are more girls in the world than boys meaning people are having females. It all depends on the XY chromosomes. Even though girls are most expensive, it is worth it to see her grow and flourish in her own little world.

No matter what someone is having, everyone wants what they want and normally end up having both. Boy or girl, it will change someone’s life forever.