Archery tournament 12/7


Elizabeth Simmons

Cabell Midland’s Archery Team 2018-2019

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

On Saturday December 7th, the archery team attended a tournament at Paul Blazer High School in Ashland, KY. They had an amazing turn out if family and new members. All of the new members that could make it to the tourney had an awesome time getting to experience what it’s like to shoot at a tournament.

“This was my first tournament,” said freshman Luke Bird, “it was a lot of fun.” When going to a tournament, you get to see how other schools shoot, how many schools have an archery team, and meet students from schools in other states.

Even some of the people that have been to multiple tournaments through their years of high school said it was a different experience. “It was better than usual,” said senior Elizabeth Simmons, “because I have more friends on the team with me.”

When we are there, we don’t just shoot our bows and stand on a line. We support our fellow shooters and whether they do amazing or not as good as they expected, we still cheer them on and help them as a team.

This was a joyous experience, for everyone and they are ready for more tournaments to come, “yes, but I need more practice” said sophomore Kaytlyn Elswick.

All and all, this was an amazing experience for the new shooters to get an idea on what a tournament feels like, how to support everyone else, and that practice always helps (you don’t realize how much it helps until you’re at a tournament).