Advice for Finals Week


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Chenoa Bocook , Reporter

The most important part of the year is officially almost here… Christmas Break!!! Although it’s exciting , before we can get there , we have to finish the semester off with finals! We asked some of the seniors their advice for the freshmen and the best ways to get prepared and study for the biggest tests they’ve experienced at this point.

“The most important thing is to take notes and actually try to learn when you’re in the class that way it’s stored in the back of your mind when you have the test in front of you.” said senior Maddy Ayers. taking notes is definitely a great point and using that technique could really help you out.
“Basically if you try your hardest and you took the time to process the information then you’ll be alright. Just try not to stress too hard about things you already know.” said senior Jordan McCoy

They both gave some great advice and it should really come in handy when taking your finals so you’ll be ready! Goodluck!