Finals Week

Amber Mount, adviser

Finals week is one of the most stressful weeks out of the whole year no matter what grade you are in. Its in one of the worst parts of the year, the last week before Christmas break. You not only have finals everyday of the week but you also have homework piled up and its the last few days you have to get grades up before report cards are due for the semester. The way I balance out all the work is I study for each final for an hour or however long I think I need the day before I have it. I try to get all of my work done in class so I don’t have homework and I study for upcoming finals for in there too. Shield is a great 30 min you have to get your work done and study for finals. Try not to work the week of finals if you have a job because you wont have any time to study. Stay at home that whole week and spend all you time studying. All the stress will pay off in the end when you ace your tests and get goo grades on your report card so you can have a fun break.