Starting High School

Amber Mount, adviser

Your last day of 8th grade is a scary day because you realize you are starting at another bigger school. Being a freshman at cabell midland can seem horrible because of how big it looks. Most  likely you will get lost on your first day here, the school is really big and there are a lot of hallways with a ton of rooms. But once you get the hang of it its really easy to get around. Bullying isn’t much of an issue here because nobody really wants to be here. The seniors just want o get out as soon as possible, the juniors are overloaded with work to care about anyone else, and the sophmores are too busy doing what there not suppose to to care about freshman. Most of the teachers are pretty nice here, a few can be a little more strict. There are multiple different academies here so you can join whatever you feel comfortable in. Sports are a huge success at our school and Friday night football games are always fun. Life is much much different when you get to highschool but you will make friends that you keep forever.