Life Updates with Mads


Maddy Price , Reporter

Reality hit me hard this week, I’m failing at this whole “adulting” thing. I somehow have to manage to raise my ACT up three points but the dilemma is that I don’t study. Will I study tonight? That’s a hard no. However, I’ve only cried four times this week over my crippling anxiety. My weekly average is about six, so I have that going for me. My savior aka Harry Styles is dropping his album tomorrow! I’m begging my mom to buy me tickets and the only way she’ll budge is if I get an A in math. I have an 89, but finals will be the actual death of me. Mr. Wood, if you are reading this, please come in clutch. I finally got my senior pictures and they are bomb! It was stressful getting there but I think my face actually delivered a good look.  Enjoy this picture until next week.