The easiest Christmas Presents to Find for your Teachers

The easiest Christmas Presents to Find for your Teachers

Elizabeth Simmons, Editor

Every year, I personally have given my teachers a small present in December for the holidays. I love to hand out different things each year, but sometimes we run out of ideas. If you’re looking for a sweet way to surprise your teachers, here are five simple gifts anyone would love:

Sticky Notes

Teachers can never have enough sticky notes to last their career, so why not offer some with a cute twist? After purchasing a pack of sticky notes, add a note of your own that says: “Take note, you’re one amazing teacher!” Not only will be memorable to your teachers, you’re giving them something they can actually use. 


Another easy gift to find is a highlighter with some ribbon tied around it. The note can say “you are the highlight of the school.” this is another memorable thing paired with something a teacher will actually use.

Junior Mints

Teachers can always use some “pick me up” candy at this time of year, and this one can come with an adorable note! “Thank you for your involveMINT, encourageMINT, and commitMINT”

Extra Gum

Most teachers chew gum throughout the day because they’re starving by the time their planning or lunchtime rolls around. Giving your teacher a pack of gum with a note saying “thanks for always going the extra mile” is perfect for any teacher!

Expo Markers

this one doesn’t need a note, but you can create one on your own. However, every single teacher I’ve ever met will never turn down new expo markers for Christmas.