Finals Week


Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

One of the scariest weeks of high school is finals week. It is stressful, tiring, and all of the teachers are putting in those missing grades so you don’t know your true grade yet. Being a senior I know what I am doing by now but it is still very stressful. Some of my favorite ways of studying include: listening to music while looking over the study guide, studying with friends, making a quizlet or flash cards for every class possible, and having no distractions when you study (phone off, tv off, etc).

One thing to make this week easier on high schoolers would be to not be required to take finals if they’ve missed three days or less, not having as many questions (even though it’s a test about the full semester), and not having the questions increase in difficulty as they go. When taking tests, students are already stressed out so having the questions increase in difficulty only makes it harder on them and less likely to score well.

Finals are 4th mod on Monday 12-16, 2nd and 5th on Tuesday 12-17, 3rd and 6th on Wednesday 12-18, and 1st and 7th on Thursday 12-19. Friday is a 2-hour early release and is makeup days for finals.

If you are a high schooler and are stressed about finals…don’t be. It may be a little stressful but in the end it just proves how much you learned and you will feel better about yourselves in the end. Good luck everyone on your finals and have a great break.