A Look At The Year of 2019


Picture Credit- https://www.cntraveller.in/story/list-public-holidays-india-2019/

Meredith Mears, Staff Reporter

As we are in our last week of school in 2019, it is a great time to look back on what 2019 had to offer.  2020 is soon on its way and we are beginning a new decade as well.  Here is a look of the all of the memorable events of 2019 that happened at Cabell Midland.

Midland’s Football Team Made It To The Finals 

This year our football team did an amazing job. They gave it their all and made it to the state championship. In our schools history that has only happened one other time. This year our team was unstoppable and gave it their all during their matchup with Martinsburg. We made a lot of headway this year in football. I hope next year will be even better.

Marching Knights Band Winning The State Competition 

Our Marching Knights are definitely the best band in the land. There spend a great deal of time practicing and getting their shows together. They do not get enough credit for what they do. As always they won the state competition and our school is so proud for what they do. It couldn’t be done without all the parents, band directors, and supporters too.

Science Olympiad Goes To New York

Our Science Olympiad team couldn’t be stopped at the state level. They competed at Marshall University and did so well they got to move onto the final which was in New York. They were competing in top schools and did such a wonderful job for only having this club for two year. I hope this year they make it further in the competition.

Hour Of Code- 

Hour Of Code was introduced to the school last year and was such a hit. This event was open to the community and gave others an opportunity to learn how to code and work with STEM related activities. Since our school is moving towards an education with technology being a major source, Hour Of Code was a great addition to the school.

Lip Dub- 

This year to get others excited for Homecoming, Cabell Midland decided to do things a bit differently. This year we made a lip dub which is a video with a compilation of songs that students lip sang too. We got to go outside in the hallways to dance and sing along. This video brought a lot pep to our school.