Morgan Nelson, Reporter

It’s that time of year again, where everywhere you look people are merry and excited about the upcoming holiday that is celebrated by many: Christmas.

Gift giving and happiness is all around, people coming together for the special holiday. Family members who haven’t seen one another in so long coming together and spending quality time with before they leave again. Christmas is a very favored holiday by many and most are young children who can’t wait to see Santa and his reindeer and the presents that dear ole’ Saint Nick left for them in particular.

While leaving milk and cookies out for him for the gifts that he would leave the children to keep them in believing in the possibilities in life and keeping up with the imaginations of many. Imagination is a big deal with children because it keeps children as children, young wildly creative, people.

Some people don’t want to ruin the children’s imaginations and beliefs so they don’t tell them until they get older and that goes along with the easter bunny and the tooth fairy. People just don’t want to ruin the impressionable minds of the young especially their parents but sometimes you can’t help the truth from coming out. Especially if the children see you wrapping presents and things for christmas. You could always say that you’re santa’s helpers along with many other parents and guardians because it can get hard for santa to make it to every house in one night and not forget anyone.

But Christmas is the one time of year where you can be with loved ones and celebrate the holiday with gift giving and a feast to commemorate the day or days that are included in the merriness with loved ones.