Should We Have PSAT’S

Danielle Hughes, Reporter

Many people are complaining about the PSAT’S because they think you should only have to take the SATS in 12th grade but others think you should just take it in 11th. Then there’s the people who think we should take them every year.

Sophomore Julie Hutchenson thinks we should only have to take them in 12th grade because it wastes our school time and many people are sucky test takers or have bad anxiety over tests. Or simply we might have got a bad night of sleep so we will do awful on PSATS.

Sophomore Hattie Colegrove thinks we should have to take them every year because its good practice. The bad part about it is again, the sleeping situations. Sometimes we get so nervous its hard to sleep so we stay up all night then get exhausted when its time to get up and go to school or time to get ready to go to class to take our PSATS and we just panic.

I myself think we should only have to take the PSATS in 11th grade so that way we know what its like and what to expect with the SATS. It does not take away to much of our learning time and it still does its required time. I also think we should take it in the middle of the day so that way we have had time to wake up but not so much school time that we are just ready to get it over with and go home.