How I Feel About Finals


Rachael Oxley, Reporter

First of all, I have never ever liked school. My older brothers used to have to tell me Santa was coming every morning and, to my demise, it worked most of the time. Also, my best friend is a grade below me, so there has never been a point in this anyway. But now, I have to worry about finals, so let’s explain why I hate it.

I’ve missed three total days this semester, and it’s only because I have to take my friend to school, otherwise I would never be here. The first two days I’ve been excused, had a doctors note from when I fell off a penny board around midnight and weirdly strained my arm. Then, I left early for my brother’s championship football game. All I look forward to in life is being out of school since I am a child and have no choice otherwise to be in it. Now, I cannot miss this Friday because it may count towards my finals and I don’t care that much about school.

In conclusion, I’m upset. And as you can see by the photo attachment of my school picture, they have been screwing me over since the beginning. I spell it R A C H A E L, and it’s fine if people hate it, but if you’re such a professional school that cares about their students and doesn’t see them as a lunch number, that shouldn’t happen.