Death of Juice WRLD


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Jeffrey Jezewski, Reporter

After the traject death of rapper Juice WRLD the world isn’t the same without out him. On December 8, 2019 Juice WRLD died of a medical emergency. Police say that he died and had a seizure because of the drugs he had taken on his private jet on his way to Chicago from California.

Most people think that this is true but other people have opinions on this matter.

Freshman from Marshall Kaitlin Jezewski says that Juice WRLD fake his death to get away from fame and all the emotion surrounding him and his friends.

Juice WRLD death is very interesting in many ways, one there is no video evidence of him dying, with all the people with phones and devices and Juice WRLD being so know how does someone like that not get taped in a public space at a airport.

The big question is did Juice WRLD die or is he living on a island away from all people. We will all miss him and what his music brung to all. Some say that he will never be forgotten. He might be gone now but he will never be forgotten in our hearts and in his music, RIP Juice World December 8, 2019