Elderly Man Shot Mason County Sheriff in the Face

Alec Bentley, Reporter

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On Sunday, December 15, Mason County Sheriff’s drove to Whitten Ridge Road around 4:15a.m. to execute a warrant on an elderly man. The officers were informed that the 81-year-old man shot his caretaker in his home. As the officers approached the door of the home, they were welcomed by the old man with a firearm. The elderly man began to shoot multiple shots at the officers while they tried to enter the home. One of the many shots that were fired hit one of the Mason County Sheriff’s in the face. The elderly man was apprehended and later charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding. The man was later identified as Robert McKinley Glenn, a resident of Milton, WV. The Mason County Sheriff was taken to Cabell Huntington Hospital and then later transferred to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia. The name or condition of the officer has not been released. There have been a total of 118 police officers shot and killed in the United States this year. However, this Mason County Deputy was extremely lucky and lived through the incident. It is strongly believed that he will lose all sight in his wounded eye. This is a result of many people looking at the police and their officers as a threat more than help.