All about the Grinch

Whitney Herrera, staff reporter

The Grinch, one of people’s most loved character who hated Christmas. The Grinch stars in many cartoons but the one loved movie is ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas”. A Christmas favorite for all ages and for the whole family to watch.

What makes this movie appealing is, Jim Carrey, the star who plays the Grinch, makes it funny and interesting. the movie is about a little girl who changes Christmas with the Grinch by her side as he hated Christmas and wanted revenge from when he was little. the Grinch lived far away from Whoville, up high on a cliff. Cindy Lou saw how people treated him and wanted answers as to why he didn’t like Christmas. She knew he had a change of heart so she did the right thing and went up to try to change his mind.

People didn’t believe the Grinch could like Christmas because he’s different from others. The Grinch would steal and be ruthless towards those and it made the public see him a bad person but he has a soft heart and just wants to be accepted. He also had a bestfriend, Max, his dog who’s by his side and helps him with his evil plans to ruin Christmas. This movie is great for kids and is perfect to sit and watch with your loved ones on a cold and snowy night with lost of food. Christmas is soon saved in the end and people admire the Grinch for his good actions he presents at the end of the film as they all give gifts and sing around the tree, holding hands.