Tips For Finals

Danielle Hughes, Reporter

There’s no correct or one way to make sure you pass finals but there are many ways that can help you.

  1. One big way, as obvious as it sounds is to study and complete your study guide.
  2. Make a group chat for each subject or a group chat for you and some friends that have similar classes, use the group chat to discuss and go over the answers and to help with any questions you might have on the finals or study guide.
  3. If you have a question they can not solve or help with, ASK YOUR TEACHER OR A TEACHER WHO MIGHT KNOW OR BE ABLE TO HELP. It seems like this is common knowledge but many students do not do this or get stuck on certain questions that can cause them to fail when they could have avoided it by just asking a teacher for help. Some students get to nervous or shy to ask their teacher for help because they feel like the teacher will think they’reĀ  dumb or that the questions stupid. Or that the teacher will be annoyed with them for asking but 9/10 times the teachers will not mind or will tell them to wait till after class or when they finish going over directions then speak to the student in private. Also teachers will always have heard something way more stupid than what you’re asking if it is a real question. Some teachers will even be happy to answer your question.
  4. Just keep calm. Some people will have studied hours or studied the study guide since the moment they got it and every free chance they get, be able to say what the study guide says with their eyes closed, knowing it like the back of their hand then fail the final because during the test that started freaking out or panicking.