How to Get Ready for the Last Semester of High School: Guide for Seniors


Class of 2020 on the first day of school in their senior shirts!

Chenoa Bocook , Reporter

As we know, 2019 is coming to an end and 2020 is right around the corner. It is very exciting to begin a new decade. A lot has changed this past decade and we have all grown. In fact, 2020 is this year’s senior’s graduation year. Many are excited to begin the last chapter of their high school career. The memories we have made the last 4 years will have an impact on how we go about the rest of our lives. We asked a few of the seniors to answer how they truly felt about beginning the last chapter of highschool.

“I think it’s exciting to begin thinking of our future. We’re all gonna go our separate ways and begin creating our future” said senior Zarah Thompson. The future seems to be a very exciting thing when we think about it , where will we be in another decade?

“I’m hoping to be a nurse and I’m really excited to start my career path” said Thompson.

Although the future is exciting, it is even more exciting to think of all the exciting to think about the last semester shenanigans of this year. The seniors are ready for color day, the senior slide show , and most importantly , the graduation day! Get ready because this next few months have a lot in store for the seniors , lets make it the best yet.