Test Scores

Test Scores

Jordan McCoy , Reporter

If you keep up with the news, you have probably seen or heard something about a student suing a college because they feel using a standardized test to decide on the acceptance to that school violates our rights as US citizens. While this court case is processing, other students across America have began wondering the same thing, “should colleges be allowed to use standardized test scores to evaluate the acceptance or rejection into that school or university?” I interviewed some fellow students to find out what they think…

Reagan Light, a senior at Cabell Midland stated,

“I think using test scores to decide something so important puts a lot of stress on everyone involved, but there has to be some type of measurement.”

Another senior, Rachael Swanson, said

“I think it is completely wrong to use standardized tests to decide something like that. Just because I don’t get a specific score doesn’t mean I’ll put less of an effort into work.”

Both students shared realistic opinions… what do you think?