Christmas is Just Around the Corner


Rachael Oxley, Reporter

Christmas is just around the corner, and Harper Goldy is getting excited. She’s most excited for the presents and food.

Goldy states,”I know that Christmas is for Jesus, but honestly I’m excited for it either way.” Goldy is getting mostly clothes for the upcoming season.

Goldy states,”I’m excited for all of the new clothes I’m going to get, but it might be a little boring.” Overall, Goldy is very excited for Christmas.

Others are scrambling to get presents for loved ones. One example would be my brother. Jackson Oxley, senior, is trying to find a way to purchase the crocs shown above for his girlfriend. Don’t tell senior, Mikayla Ferguson. Anyway, the crocs are for 1-6 year olds so this would have never worked. So now I’m sure Jackson is indeed scrambling as their one year is also just around the corner.