Christmas Lights

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

Christmas is right around the corner and the Christmas lights are coming out. Some places you could go to see some astounding Christmas lights are not that far away, some farther than others:

  • Barboursville Park- this is the first year that Barboursville Park is having Christmas lights in the park. This could be an amazing experience for those who live in or near barboursville.
  • Gallipolis- Gallipolis has an amazing park of lights that I have heard many phenomenal reviews about. “It’s PHENOMENAL and DEFINITELY a walk-through!” Said senior Elizabeth Simmons, “The lights are gorgeous and there are trees dedicated in memory of people or groups decorate them. It’s amazing and magical. 11/10 would recommend”
  • Kings Island- in Mason, Ohio at Kings Island they have decorated the entire park and gotten it ready for Winterfest. Last year, 2018, was opened for the first time since 1982 and it worked so well it is set up again this year, 2019. The Eiffel Tower is string with lights all the way around to make it look like a giant tree and the names of the stores are changed to match the season.

If you are planning on going anywhere this year to see lights or walk around and see the lights these are just a few of the amazing light shows that people seem to really enjoy and make their Christmas experience 10 times better.