Traveling Tips

Mckenna Nixon, Reporter

When Christmas season comes around generally people will be traveling whether it be by plane, car, or even train. When traveling no matter how long it’ll take to get to the destination you’ll always hear “are we there yet”. Here are some tips and a small checklist to make sure you don’t forget to pack to make your trip more enjoyable.

Tips: make sure to being a pillow so you can always be comfy in the car, plane, or train; download a few movies or tv shows on your phone/tablet to help pass the time; bring a book or even two to read; bring homework (if you have any) to get done, then you can enjoy the time you have once you make it to your destination; and bring earbuds so you can listen to what you want.

Checklist of what to bring:

– clothes (if you are spending more than one day, obviously)

– chargers (for any devices you may bring)

– toiletries

– blankets to stay comfortable while traveling

– any movies (if you have a DVD player in the car, or where you’re staying)

– pillows (for the ride and if you prefer it over hotel pillows)

– battery backups (charged) for in the car when an electronic device starts dying.

I really hope this gives you a starting point on packing for a trip over break and hope everyone has happy holidays and a happy new year!