Midland basketball

Rachael Oxley, Journalist


Football season is over and it is now time to go to my brothers basketball games again. Here’s the thing though, I actually understand it a lot more. But their are some obvious downsides. First of all, their will always be crazy sports moms who yell even though no one can here them. Although in basketball, it’s a lot easier to hear them. It also echos a lot in their, so it’s basically just kinda hot and intense, while fans scream back and forth over a high schoolers having mini breakdowns on the court. Although, football starts in the summer where I tend to hate everything and ends where everybody freezes them self to death in the snow. But, in basketball I don’t have to worry about that ,so I guess their are ups and downs to everything. Overall, good luck to midland basketball and all the kids going through the stress of their parents.