Lifesaving Final Tips

Maddy Price , Reporter

If you are anything like me you are on the struggle bus right now because it’s finals week. I’m going to give some tips so you don’t fail your classes 🙂

  1. Take at least 30 minutes for yourself each night

Studying for finals is exhausting and demanding of your schedule so take time to relax. Go catch up on the latest Instagram post or just do anything you want to do. Just make sure when the timer hits to go back to studying!

2. Quizlet is your best friend

I can promise you if you look hard enough you can find your study guide or work very similar to what’s on your test. If not, make your own or make one with the help of a friend.

3. Prioritize your time

Chances are the Netflix show you are watching isn’t as important as your semester grade. Put your homework and study habits before your free time.

4. Get a good nights rest

You don’t want to be falling asleep when taking something that’s worth 15% of your grade. At least try to get eight hours so you can take your test to your full potential.

Good luck!